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Dear Parents/Guardians,


Congratulations on the graduation of your child! Graduation marks achievement. The cap and gown are a mark of distinction.  It’s an exciting time for everyone!  As such, it is a public announcement that those who are receiving an East Hartford Diploma have earned the recognition due a high school graduate.


The Woodland Class of 2021 will have their graduation ceremony on Friday, May 28 at 11 am in the Woodland School Courtyard. The expectation is for the ceremony to last 60 to 90 minutes. In the event of questionable weather, we recommend families be prepared to handle light rain conditions.  Umbrellas and rain gear will not be provided by the school. In the event of significant rain, the alternate rain date for graduation will be on Wednesday June 2nd.


Due to COVID, each graduate is given two (2) graduation tickets for their guests. Students will pick up tickets with cap and gown on Laptop drop off day, May 24.  No entry will be permitted into the ceremony without a ticket. Should you have questions, please contact Counselor, Megan Spiesman.


Graduation Practice: All graduates are required to report to the main office on May 28th at 9am.    


Graduation Day:

  • We continue to be a COVID free safe school. That means being vigilant regarding safety precautions. All guests must wear a mask, maintain 6 feet social distancing
  • Parking will be available in the parking lot on the side of the school. Please be cautious to avoid blocking any driveways in the neighborhood of the school.
  • Please also partner with us to ensure that our graduates conduct themselves with the utmost dignity during the ceremony. We would want nothing to negatively impact our school at what should be a wonderful and memorable event.  Any unruly behavior or failure to follow the rules and school administration has the right to remove the student from the ceremony.
  • All in attendance must adhere to the following expectations including treating all speakers with respect, dressing appropriately (gowns closed during the ceremony), graduates are not permitted to bring additional items to the ceremony including balloons, horns, beach balls, etc.
  • Due to the impact of Covid, time celebrating as a family must be done on your own and not on Woodland school grounds.  
  • The event will be streamed via Facebook LIVE!  Visit the Woodland website for more details. 


Prior to Graduation:

Laptop drop-off is scheduled for May 24 from 8 am - 2 pm.  Devices must be turned in to school in order to receive a cap/gown and graduation tickets. NO senior will be issued a Cap & Gown or a diploma until all financial obligations are taken care of and must be paid for– that is all books and/or uniforms/equipment, going back to freshman year. Multiple statements of outstanding item(s) due were sent home during the school year.


After Graduation:
Graduates will pick up their diplomas from the Woodland Main Office after June 2, 2021.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We look forward to participating in this special moment with you.

John Fote, Principal