Mental Health:
As a therapeutic, small, nurturing, and adapting school our social workers and psychologists provide formal counseling, as well as informal counseling, group counseling, Social Emotional Learning counseling groups, as needed crisis management, and communication to community-based organizations to help encompass wrap-around services for our students. We have a School Social Worker & School Psychologist for elementary/middle (K-8th) classes and (9th-12th/post grad transitional program) to help assist our teachers, behavior managers, support staff and students. Our student’s mental health is our primary focus as we strive to provide a level of comfort and safety to ensure a nurturing working environment. We help support our students with anxiety, depression, ADHD-ADD, PTSD, and trauma, transition with housing and placements, self-esteem, self-awareness, and learning the skills to be an advocate for their needs outside of school.

Occupational Therapy

As part of the special education team, Woodland School has occupational therapists available to provide occupational therapy (OT) services to students who require OT as part of their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). OT can be provided to a student in a group setting, individually or through consulting with staff members. OT can help with fine motor skills such as handwriting, cutting, using zippers and coloring needed to participate in the school day. OT can also help with visual perceptual skills like correcting letter reversals, organizing work spaces or navigating a Chromebook to access virtual learning. OT’s also have a specialized knowledge about sensory integration, using sensory strategies such as using input from putty or deep pressure exercise to help regulate body behaviors.  The goal of OT is for the student to be able to participate in the school setting by using “occupations” or goal oriented tasks that are meaningful for the student to strengthen his or her skills with guidance from a skilled therapist.

PT (Physical Therapy)

As part of the special education team, Woodland School has a physical therapist available to provide physical therapy (PT) services to students who require PT as part of his or her Individualized Education Plan (IEP). PT can help with gross motor skills such as coordination and balance needed to walk around the school and go up and down stairs. PTs also have a specialized knowledge about wheelchair accessibility within the school settings to ensure the student can access the school building.

Speech and Language

Speech and Language specialists service students in the building who are in need of speech and language instructional support.  She consults with special educators about the individualized programs, modifications, and communication needs of the students.  Special attention is given to help the students expand their abilities of social communication and relationship-building with peers and adults.  Students participate in language lessons and practice with vocabulary building, understanding and giving directions, and recognizing and expressing their own emotions, reactions, and behaviors.  Students also learn to observe and listen to the perspectives of others, and strengthen their relationships with friends and staff through better communication to prepare them for connecting with people in the future. 

Our board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) is considered a healthcare professional who studies the behavior of children and creates plans to improve or change problematic behaviors. Some responsibilities of our BCBA might include conducting assessments, meeting with teachers to observe and assess the students behavior, as well as speaking and collaborating with parents and other related services. Our BCBA is a part of the transdisciplinary team to address the needs of the whole child.