About Woodland

Since our founding in 1983, Woodland School has offered a premier therapeutic, special education program uniquely hosted by East Hartford Public Schools. Woodland specializes in lifelong learning, behavioral intervention, and meeting every student’s individual needs, goals and objectives. We believe all children can reach their potential when given the right opportunities in a supportive environment.


A school where every child reaches their potential


To deliver a high quality learning experience that fosters resilience and individualized success


The Woodland community embraces and lives out our REACH values every day. As the integral fabric of our school, these values allow students of all needs and abilities to build character and grow as individuals.

REACH Values

R - RESPECT - We believe all children and staff should respect themselves, each other and our community. We communicate this respect through our words and actions.

E - EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT - We believe that learning emotional management skills is a key process in ensuring future success. We teach and practice emotional management as a critical part of growth and renewal.

A - ACHIEVEMENT & GROWTH - We believe in the potential of every child as a learner in our school. We embrace success and failure as critical components of growth, prioritize improvement, and promote a culture of lifelong learning.

C - CITIZENSHIP - We believe in the power and privilege of being healthy, contributing citizens in a fair and just society. We promote this value by offering our students opportunities to understand the world around them and how they can serve their neighbors.

H - HEART - We believe that the value of heart is characterized by empathy, kindness and tenacity. We want each of our students and staff members to know they are a valued and respected member of our team. We model effort, reward perseverance and never give up on our Woodland community.